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Variety Entertainment

Air Toys (Record a Hit - Rob Brons)
Record-a-Hit has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the Sun-Times and the Associated Press. We provide entertainment from Karaoke and mobile dj services to velcro wall jumping and human bowling.
The Pocket Lady (Story Book Teller)
Let One Mohr Production add character to your next event!  A one woman theater troupe of over 30 costumed characters, plus custom comedy routines, mime, storytelling, drama Workshops, classes and public speaking.
Robbie Clement (Child Entertainment)
Robbie Clement is a gifted family entertainer with a knack for warming the hearts and tickling the funnybones of young and old alike. Robbie's concerts are a dynamic combination of music, comedy and storytelling, with a variety of different accompaniments.
Caricatures by Rex (Cartoon Artist)
Over the last five years Rex has drawn more than 10,000 people and his subjects have included celebrities such as Reggie White, Brett Farve and David Letterman. Let Rex create a memorable charicature for you and your special occasion.
Blinky the Clown (Party Entertainment)
Comedy magic with a bright, colorful circus theme provides great entertainment for "children of all ages". Doves appear and disappear in the blink of an eye and a wave of Blinky's magic wand.
Christopher Carter (Mentalist)
Can Christopher Carter read your mind? You'll be convinced he can! Christopher Carter has been called a mind reader, a telepath, and an expert on E.S.P. When Christoper Carter entertains, you can always predict a successful event.
Truely Remarkable Loon (Juggling & Comedy)
The Truely Remarkable Loon has a variety of programs from "Read Books and Juggle Everything Else" to "Merry Anticipation of Disaster". His legendary gags and audience participation will keep this fast paced show moving right up to the finale, fire torch juggling.
Philip Earl (Mime/Juggling/Comedy/Entertainment)
Let Philip Earl entertain you with his amazing juggling, rope walking, instrument playing and acting. Philip Earl has performed on TV, in the theatre and even in Film with a role in "The Out of Towners".
Race Track (Remote Control Racing Entertainment)
Imagine... racing your favorite Winston Cup Stock Car on banked oval speedways at scale speeds of over 200mph. Perfect for events, functions or social gatherings where you want maximum response with positive results.
Henneberry Pancakes (Pancake Breakfast)
Treat your workers to a pancake breakfast! We specialize in full service catering of pancakes. If you are searching for a cost effective means to feed pancakes to a large group of people, but do not want the hassles, consider Henneberry Pancakes.
Cliffhanger (Portable Climbing Structures)
Cliffhanger's portable climbing structures can be brought to your event and set up inside or outside. Adjustable climbing structures range in height from 12 to 36 feet. Students navigate various climbing surfaces, ranging in level of difficulty from beginner to advanced.

Mpact (Communications & Event Coordinators)
Do you need a hand with your marketing plan, conference, banquet or wedding?  With nearly a decade of experience, Mpact offers a broad range of services and resources to its clientele.
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