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The Pocket Lady

Let One Mohr Production add character to your next event!  A one woman theater troupe of over 25 costumed characters, plus custom comedy routines, mime, storytelling, drama workshops, classes and public speaking. All ages and events!

"Pick my pocket.  I won't mind," says The Pocket Lady™ as she invites her delighted audiences to choose a story from one of the many pockets of her magical skirt.

Meet a few of Kathleen Mohr's delightful characters. From Mother Goose to Mrs. Santa; fortune teller Madam Zolt to Pirate Capt'n Pickles, each sets the stage for humor; drama and creative interaction.

  • Pocket Lady™
  • Pocket Lady™ Around the World
  • Pocket Lady™ Sports
  • Other Pocket Lady™ Themes:
    • Gulliver's Travels - In the land of Lilliput
    • Polish Stories - Original and traditional
    • Animals, Nature, Fables
    • I Remember When - A look at the Olden Days (intergenerational)
    • Pocket Lady™ Faith - Lively bible and/or saint stories
    • Richard Scarry's Busy Town
    • Environmental Program
    • Princess Stories
    • Women in History
  • Mrs. Santa: Invite this grandmotherly type to tell stories about life at the North Pole, the elves, reindeer and her dear husband.  Mrs. Santa is lively and wonderfully unintimidating - especially around young children.  The holiday customs of children around the world are interestingly presented.  She is happy to entertain at schools, homes, offices and other public and private functions.  Mrs. Santa is available for photo sessions, gift distribution or whatever way she can add to the festivities.  Adult programs available: "A Visit with the Mrs." and "Mrs. Santa goes Shopping!".
  • Mrs. Murray Goldberg
  • Madam Zolt, The Gypsy Fortune-Teller
  • Pierette the Mime
  • Betsy Ross
  • Mother Goose
  • Emma the Uninvited Guest
  • The Weeper
  • Lady Tempera Mental
  • The Sleepy Lady of Ho-Hum Hollow
  • School Marm
  • Mary Poppins
  • Cinderella
  • Pirate Capt'n Pickles
  • Sandia Cavewoman
  • O'Funahan, The Irish Leprechaun
  • Mr. McGregor
  • Peddler and his Caps
  • Cowgirl Cate
  • Morticia Addams
  • Hawaiian Dancer
  • Mae West
  • Barbara Woofhouse
  • Carla Cockroach
  • Southwest Rabbit
  • Wanda the Wizecracking Witch

MOHR Satisfied Customers...

"Kathleen is very gifted when it comes to entertaining children. Whatever the character she is portraying, she entertains the kids with her stories, her great sense of humor and a wee bit of child psychology and makes the experience a warm and friendly one for all involved."

Edward J. Ward
Milwaukee Irish Fest


"Your program last night was wonderful. I think the children would've kept asking for more until you'd done all twenty-four pockets. Your costume is wonderful, and your props lend such an air of variety and spontaneity! I was just as engaged as the children, and the parents thanked me for having them come. I also noticed the admiration in the eyes of several of the girls; I'm sure they'll never forget you."

Eve Robillard
Middleton Public Library


"Kathleen Mohr's... Mother Goose was outstanding. To keep 25 four-year-olds spell bound for 45 minutes is no small task! Her performance was entertaining for adults too!

If Anyone can do it it's Kathleen -- or should I say Mother Goose, Pocket Lady™ Mrs. Santa or any of the characters she has performed at the various professional and private functions I have coordinated."

Arlene Remsik
Exceptional Events


"Both Children & adults were enthralled with your character. The stories were short, held their attention and carried a positive message, a plus in today's world."

Lakefront Festival of the Arts


"When Kathleen Mohr portrayed Mary Poppins at Audubon Court Books she literally blew us away.

Children & adults were equally enthralled... Kathleen is a professional actress who has children in the palm of her hand from the moment they first set eyes on her."

Audubon Court Books

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